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Fall Family Session at Morven Park

As a mother who has been on the other side of the camera having her own family pictures recently taken...I understand first hand the investment and stress that goes in to preparing for a photoshoot. A lot of energy was spent purchasing new outfits for the whole family, contemplating all the different colors and how to blend them just right. Not to mention the time getting ready while also trying to get the little ones dressed and the car packed.

All this to say, it is 100% worth all the effort and the investment once I see beautiful photographs that capture my children right now as they are. I encourage you to capture your loved ones as they are whether that's the way your daughter pouts her lips or the way your son scrunches his nose when he smiles.

Photographs capture those moments and become more valuable with each passing year.

Last night, I had the pleasure of capturing those special moments of the McCarthy family and I am so thrilled they included the grandparents too! The golden light, fall foliage and this beautiful family are a few of my favorite things from this session.


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